The weather is warming, and it’s time to think about how you will spend the next few months. If you long to sit back and relax outside this spring and summer, you might want to consider adding an outdoor living space to your home. This may mean building a deck or patio; adding a water feature; or even an outdoor kitchen. But, before you begin this exciting project, you should consider a few essential details.

What You Want From Your New Outdoor Space

Do you want an outdoor space to entertain friends and family, or will it be more of a quiet retreat? Until you know its purpose, you can’t even begin the fun part of the project — the design! Figuring out the role this new space will have in your life is integral to figuring out what you need and how to build it.

The Style You’re After

Are you looking for a space that is practical or pretty? Maybe your goal in adding a deck to your home is making it easier to eat outdoors. Or maybe you are more interested in well-placed design that showcases your home’s other architectural details. Once you know what kind of look you are after, it will be easier to choose the materials needed to create the space of your dreams.

Where You Are Going to Put It

Depending on the space available (and your municipalities codes and rules), you may not have much choice as to where to build your new outdoor living space. But, if you’re lucky, you will be able to pick where to locate each feature. Take a good look around your property and choose each placing wisely. For instance, keep outdoor kitchen areas close to the access to your home to make cooking easier. What are some things to consider when determining where to place each outdoor accessory? Here are a few tips:

  • Check the View: Strive to add a deck facing the best view. This will allow you to enjoy the scenery.
  • Watch the Sun: Nothing is worse than building an outdoor area in the scorching sun. If you must locate a new deck or living space in direct sunlight, be sure to add some sort of shade to make it a more comfortable area.
  • Is the Area Up to Code: Before you begin any building project, be sure to check to ensure that the space adheres to local zoning requirements. Adding a garden or water feature to your yard usually isn’t a problem, but building a deck, patio or gazebo may offer some zoning challenges.
  • Nothing is worse than building an outdoor area in the scorching sun. If you must locate a new deck or living space in direct sunlight, be sure to add some sort of shade to make it a more comfortable area.

How Much Work You Want to Put Into the Project (Now & Later)

Is this a DIY project you can tackle on your own, or will you need to bring in a professional? Knowing your limitations is vital to this project’s success. No matter how good you are at building, remember, a lot more goes into a project of this size and scope than simply building a deck. If you are adding a water feature, outdoor kitchen or a hot tub, you may also need to run a gas line, water lines and electrical to the site. This all requires an expert to handle.

When choosing your building materials, you will also want to consider future maintenance. While pressure-treated woods and hardwoods are beautiful, they also require a lot of annual maintenance. Think about what you can (and want) to handle 3 or even ten years from now. In most cases, composite decking makes more sense, freeing up your time and energy for enjoying your new living space rather than taking care of it.

How Much You Want to Spend

No one wants to restrict themselves when planning a big renovation project like adding an outdoor living space to your home. But let’s be practical: money is a consideration for most of us. Before you begin planning every aspect of your new space, be sure to set a realistic budget. This will help you make the hard decisions about what to include – and what projects to set aside for another time.

Calling in Reinforcements

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