Are you planning a bathroom remodel? While the bathroom is a space where functionality is usually a top priority, style is also important. Creating a focal point and visual interest by introducing texture to your bathroom remodel is one way to ramp up the style of any size bathroom.

The highly reviewed bathroom remodelers from Quality Craftsmen have completed thousands of bathroom renovations, and we’ve put together some tips for how to seamlessly add texture. Whether you’re completing a DIY bathroom remodel or working with a bathroom remodeling contractor, keep these tips in mind as your plan your space.

Tips for Adding Texture to Your Bathroom Remodel

Once all the main features, such as your tub or shower, are selected, you can move on to smaller details that present the opportunity for adding texture. Here are some of the best ways to introduce texture on your own or with help from our bathroom remodelers.

  • Towels, Shower Curtains, and Bath Mats: There are some of the easiest ways to add texture, and the really good news is that you can swap these items for a different look anytime you want.
  • Wall Surrounds: Are you installing a wall surround? Instead of a smooth surface, choose from the large selection of available textures for an eye-catching look.
  • Backsplash: Typical tile backsplashes are only one option. There are so many textured options available that the most difficult part is narrowing down which one you want.
  • Accessories: Artwork, a frame around the mirror, baskets, and other accessories are another fast, easy, and affordable way to bring texture into your bathroom remodel.

What about mixing textures?

Go for it! Stick to the basic color scheme you’ve selected, but feel free to play around with different textures for a designer-inspired look.

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