There are a multitude of reasons why living in the South is so wonderful. Definitely, our weather would probably be towards, if not at, the top of the list. Our milder climate in winter and hot temps in summer make the outdoors a liveable extension of our interior space that others don’t get to enjoy for as long as we do. It makes sense, therefore, to focus on trends that make our outdoor space as attractive and purpose oriented as possible. Borrowing from a recent Bob Vila article, here are some questions and suggestions to consider as summer ’15 rolls in and you head outdoors (

What do you need and want of the outdoors?
A space to play?
To relax?
To entertain?

Grass, stone, decking, and mulch become the flooring to your outdoor living; hedges and fences serve as walls; arbors, canopies, and pergolas create ceilings. Voila! You have your outdoor “rooms” or spaces for different purposes. Plants, stone, or wood become the protection and texture to each space.

As indoor elements such as HD projectors, flat screens televisions, movie screens, outdoor speakers, and kitchens head outdoors, implementation and imagination are the only things stopping you (along with a healthy budget) from turning your home into a year round oasis of enjoyment.