A kitchen remodel project is exciting – and demanding. Few other renovation projects require so many important decisions from the homeowners, right down to sink fixtures and cabinet handles. This is why starting early and carefully examining all your options is so important. But if you’re not sure where to begin, these choices can look intimidating. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started!

Do Some Research and Set Your Budget

As you’re thinking about a budget, it’s helpful to keep in mind the overall value of your home and the value of homes in your neighborhood. While getting that dream kitchen is important, don’t go too overboard on that new kitchen, outspending the neighborhood, which will make it harder to recoup your investment if you decide to sell your home. Do research on exactly what you want to change in your kitchen, and how much you can expect new materials and appliances to cost. Fortunately, online sources of information make comparisons between different materials much easier than it used to be, but you will still need to take some measurements and maybe visit some stores to take a closer look at certain types of materials. After you have a better idea of the cost of different materials, it’s time to really put together a list of “needs” and “wants.” Sure, there’s some features that would be really great to incorporate into your remodel, but make sure you allocate enough money to the long term needs of the kitchen before you start considering the upgrades.

Also remember to take into account any less expected costs, including costs for transportation, delivery, installation, disposal of old materials, and any permits you might need to complete the remodel in your city. Yes, there’s a lot to think about! Fortunately, professional renovators can help you figure out what budget to create for your project.

Consider Space and Layout

Any good kitchen remodel must carefully consider space and layout. One of the first considerations should really be evaluating how you currently use your kitchen. Beyond everyday meals, do your kids need to be able to spread out their things and do homework at the kitchen table? Do you like to host dinner parties or family gatherings? Is there someone in the family that really likes to cook or bake?

Once you have all this in mind, you can start to consider how you want to make changes to the kitchen to better accommodate the changing needs of your family.

Are you changing where appliances or counter spaces are located in your kitchen? Are you opening it up and creating an open floor plan with your dining room or living room? Are you adding an island, expanding your sink, or adding new appliances like wine coolers or trash compactors? All this will affect your space and layout, so it’s an important consideration. Draw some diagrams, take a look at different layouts, and find out exactly what you need to change. Remember, taking out walls may also require rerouting wiring or plumbing.

Lighting can vary greatly from kitchen to kitchen. For example, if you are installing a bar area, you may want to use pendant lighting above this space. If you are moving to a more open floor plan, you may need to install more overhead lighting.

Plan for the Future

A big renovation like this should always look ahead, even many years into the future. Aging in place is more popular than ever, and you will want to make your kitchen safe if you plan on living in your house well into the silver years. Simple adjustments such as open layouts for ease of movement, slip-resistant flooring, height adjustments to countertops, pull out cabinets and pantries, as well as placement and style of appliances can be integrated into your design now, in order to avoid costly adjustments in the future.

Do you have more questions about planning your kitchen renovation, or what a particular type of renovation would look like? Let us know! Quality Craftsmen can help answer your questions and create a plan once you are confident about what you want. Our team of professional builders are Certified Aging in Place specialists, helping families through the East Cobb area with all their renovation needs.