As we age, our needs and demands on our home change too. Planning ahead is important when you’re considering aging place. Your needs can change very unexpectedly, so it’s important to have a renovation strategy in place early on. One area that is often overlooked is the entrance to your home.

Evaluate Entryways for Safety

A canopy or overhang over your primary entrance protects you in bad weather. You do not want to fumble with an umbrella or a package during a rainstorm and trip and fall as a result. Near the entrance door, place a platform or seat to put your packages while you unlock the door. Make sure that at the foot of the door on the exterior and interior sides, the path is a non-slip surface.

Eliminate Steps

Zero entry means no steps at the door where you enter. This precaution also includes a minimal threshold and gentle slopes where the level of the ground changes. This arrangement also applies to the path you use to access your vehicle or public transportation. You can remove the steps and put in a ramp, or you can have Quality Craftsmen build a ramp over the steps. While you are making this modification, it is wise to build the ramp wide enough to accommodate family members with various mobility concerns.

Modify Doors

We recommend installing an entry door that is 36 inches wide. Again, having a wider entry door, especially for your main entrance, can help to accommodate family members that may require assistance or have different mobility needs in the future.

Since hand dexterity can change with age, we recommend replacing doorknobs with door levers because they are easier to grip. An alternative is a keyless entry system, which allows passage by using a keypad, touchscreen or fingerprint.

A canopy or overhang over entrances protects you in bad weather. You do not want to fumble with an umbrella or a package during a rainstorm or snowstorm and trip and fall as a result.

Ensure Security and Alerts at Doors

For security, main entry doors should have a peephole or electronic camera that is strategically installed so that it’s more accessible to all family members. Video doorbells use the smart technology of Android and iPhone apps to record video of people at your door while you talk with them without opening the door. Install lights over the entryways of all house doors, even the ones you do not use much. Save on energy costs by using motion-detection lighting.

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