It’s true that it will take a little longer to receive your windows than it would have before 2021. However, you don’t have to let the increased lead time hold you back if you need new windows now.

1. Knowing When It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

  • Increased energy consumption: Does it seem like it’s getting more expensive to heat and cool your home?
  • Constant draft: If the area right in front of your windows constantly feels different than the rest of the room, your windows may be letting in air from the outside and not standing up to heat/cold transfer either.
  • Interior condensation: This condensation indicates gaps in seals or tiny window cracks you don’t see.
  • Water leaks: If you have no idea how the water puddles appeared on your floor, it could indicate a possible need for a window replacement.
  • Broken glass: If you have glass that has cracks or even holes, then you should definitely consider replacing those windows.
  • Damaged frames: Even if windows don’t appear to have gaps allowing air into your home, damaged frames always indicate the possibility.
  • Fogging: This is a sign of a broken seal between two panes of glass.

Replacing windows can improve energy efficiency. However, you also could re-caulk the seals around the frames.

2. Choose Low-Maintenance Window Materials.

Vinyl windows offer improved energy efficiency. Furthermore, they cling to glass well, which improves insulation that prevents indoor drafts. In addition to white, there are other colors that you can choose from with vinyl windows, and they will not rust like metal frames and will wipe clean with soap and water.

3. Pick the Right Types of Windows.

For smaller walls, the double-hung size usually fits, and the slider types work well in front of a cement patio. Bay windows still provide insulation from outdoor elements, but they provide a picturesque view of your outdoor landscape.

High-performance, low E windows with argon gas between glass panes will reflect sun rays and prevent heat transfer. Double-hung windows in particular also make it easier to tilt your windows in and clean them from the inside of your home! Gone are the days of needing an extension ladder to clean your 2nd story windows.

In Hurricane zones, we can also install windows with high wind and impact resistant ratings. Most manufacturers offer a lifetime glass breakage warranty.

4. Reap More Benefits of Window Replacements.

Your home value may also increase after you upgrade from the dingy, worn-out frames. By replacing those old windows with vibrant fresh windows, you’re adding curb appeal to your home. Low maintenance vinyl will also make it easier to maintain those windows for years to come.

Newer windows also don’t usually feel cold on the inside because of the insulation layers they have. Improved frame construction, dual or even triple-pane glass, as well as other energy efficiency options, helps to better regulate indoor temperatures while controlling moisture.

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