Up to 41 percent of people in the United States shopping for a home plan to have an adult child or aging parent live in it. It includes an increase in multigenerational living that may consist of an “in-law” suite.

What’s an In-Law Suite?

An “in-law” suite can provide an elderly parent or another family member with private space. This separate living area on the same property as your home allows everyone privacy.

Popular places for in-law suites include a garage, backyard, attic or basement. You can also plan a renovation from your home exterior that extends to an area with the most ground space.

What an In-Law Suite Includes

The multigenerational living trend continued during the recession. The number of families living like this rose to about 20 percent in 2019. Some of these dwellings include in-law suites with more amenities than a standard bedroom. Think of them as tiny efficiencies.


You have plenty of options for bathrooms. To save space, you may want to consider opting for a low threshold shower. We recommend choosing a shower option with zero entry, which is more favorable for family members with mobility concerns and helps to minimize trip hazards. We also recommend including a built-in seat within the shower. Our next blog will contain safety suggestions to help make the bathroom both functional and safe for aging loved ones.


Ideally, you’ll have enough space to dedicate a separate room within the suite as a bedroom. If space is tight, or you’re wanting to make room for friends and family to stay overnight, you could perhaps have a bed that folds up onto the wall. A futon that doubles as a sleeping mattress also will open up room in a tight space for an extra person in your home.

You have plenty of options for bathrooms. To save space, perhaps add a shower stall in a corner and either place doors or curtains around it. The toilet would sit in the same area.


If you don’t want to install an entire stove, you might at least add a microwave, air fryer, a toaster oven, and other appliances. If they drink coffee or tea, perhaps provide them with a machine that brews hot beverages. Make it as compact as possible but maybe combine some existing closet space and add one or two additional cabinets.

Outside Door and Private Parking

A separate door would usually lead from the bedroom or kitchen area of an in-law suite to the outside. As a bonus, you could add a private parking spot if your property has room for it. You may consider ramps to make elevated entrances accessible.

The Importance of Separate Entrances

In some cases, multigenerational living has strengthened family bonds because it does isolate your family. However, it also has its challenges. Sometimes, people just need a break from one another, especially if trying to accommodate multiple family members who have different preferences or attitudes about how to live. It can save your relationships while having your loved ones near you, especially if they need extra care.

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