People who want to age in place understand the need for updated and safe bathrooms. Older bathrooms that have not been updated usually have issues that can become health issues if they are not fixed correctly. You may find that by remodeling your bathroom, the value of your home goes up. When that time comes to remodel your bathroom, there are some things that you will want to think through.

Fast Facts About the Seniors in America

Seniors were found to make up the most significant percentage of home sellers in 2021. However, there are options available to them to help them stay in their homes longer. What is additionally true is that they typically want to stay in their own homes instead of moving to an assisted living facility. That means they will need to have bathrooms that are easy to use and navigate.

Options That Seniors Are Looking For in Their Next Homes

Seniors know what they want in their homes. They know exactly what options they need to make life easy for themselves. If you have an aging parent or loved one that wants to stay in their own home, you may want to consider remodeling the restroom and bath to include:

A shower head that can be held by the hand.

Consider installing wider showers and plenty of space to navigate in the bathroom.
Install toilets that meet ADA height standards to make it easier for a person to get back on their feet.
Have vanity counters that are higher than traditional options.
Install a tub or shower that is easy to get in and out of. We recommend low or zero threshold entry.
Remove all the rugs from the bathroom. Rugs are known to be trip hazards for people and can be a source of injury to a senior.

Thinking Through the Smaller Options of Safety

There are a lot of more significant decisions that must be made when remodeling a bathroom. But you may also want to consider these smaller ideas.

Install lighting that is bright enough to chase away all the shadows. Seniors like to be able to see things, and increasing the light level is an easy way to make it happen.

  • Install shelving that is easy to access and out in the open.
  • Remove all the rugs from the bathroom. Rugs are known to be trip hazards for people and can be a source of injury to a senior.
  • There are many things to think through when it comes time to remodel your home. Updating your bathroom and thinking through what features will make it easier and more functional for yourself or a loved one will help provide peace of mind when considering aging in place.

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