There’s no doubting the beauty of a traditional tile and grout shower. However, these shower walls aren’t without their pitfalls. For one, the material and installation costs can be high, so finding wiggle room in your budget might be difficult. Secondly, grout is known for mildewing and harboring grime.

This is where simulated tile comes in—a solution that provides the luxurious appearance that you want, but at a faction of the cost and with little maintenance required!

Why Choose Simulated Tile for Your Shower or Bath Walls?

As mentioned above, simulated tile can make your bath or shower remodel more affordable, but that doesn’t mean you are sacrificing quality. When made with a nonporous acrylic material, this wall surround option is highly durable. It will not chip or crack. Plus, cleanup is a cinch, never requiring the use of harsh chemical cleaners. As for style options, you’re sure to be impressed!

Unique Style Benefits of Simulated Tile

The great thing about acrylic wall surrounds is their amazing capacity for customization. For example, at Quality Craftsman, we provide a variety of textured tile patterns to choose from and multiple color options. There are square tiles in various dimensions, ranging from 4X4 to 12X12. We offer diamond, windmill, and subway tile as well. Additional features include:

  • Trim accents to add a sophisticated appearance to your smooth or textured wall.
  • Wainscotting to give the lower portion of your wall a finished look while offering protection from scuffs and dirt.

Let’s recap. Here are the benefits of choosing simulated tile for your upcoming bath or shower remodel:

  • Save on Material and Labor Costs
  • No Grout Lines or Grout Stains
  • Durable, Low-Maintenance Material
  • Many Custom Design Options
  • A Beautiful, Textured Look that Mimics Real Tile

Are Your Ready to Begin Your Bath or Shower Remodel?

As with all remodeling options, hiring the right contractors is an important step toward ensuring the results that you want. If you’re interested in an acrylic bath or shower, contact Quality Craftsman today. We are happy to answer your questions about the benefits of our products and installation services, and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation cost estimate.