Are you looking for ways to update your kitchen? An easy option for many homeowners is kitchen cabinet refacing. This process involves replacing worn out drawer fronts and doors, and also applying new laminate to the cabinet box. It gives your kitchen a whole new look without the demolition and construction involved in replacing the cabinetry. But there are other reasons to replace your kitchen cabinets too.

Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel

Cabinet refacing is a much more affordable process than getting new kitchen cabinetry installed in your home, let alone installing custom-built cabinets. If you are looking for ways to renovate your property without breaking the budget, a kitchen cabinet refinishing project goes a long way towards your goal.

Kitchen Cabinet Style Needs an Update

Since cabinets have few working parts and are made from durable materials, they tend to last far longer than the design trends. So, a set of kitchen cabinets that look great when you install them, starts to feel more and more dated the longer you own them.

Consider the bulky tan cabinets and round knobs of the 90s kitchen or the minimalist white cabinets of the 2000s. With cabinet refacing, you can make your entire kitchen feel a lot more contemporary in just a few days.

Preserve the Lifespan of Your Cabinets

While cabinet refacing contractors may not fix major damage to existing cabinetry, the process of refinishing can repair minor issues. Your cabinets will have new door fronts and drawers with fresh hinges, knobs, and drawer pulls. Any loose or uneven doors will be fixed by virtue of being replaced. Plus, cabinet contractors will apply new facing on the rest of the cabinetry, which covers up scratches and dents.

Ask About a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Quote at Quality Craftsmen

If you are ready to get kitchen cabinet refacing in Florida or Georgia, call Quality Craftsmen. We’ll schedule an appointment with a consultant who can explain our cabinetry refacing services in more detail. We’ll also be happy to go over our style and color options for customers’ cabinetry. If interested, we can also explain more about our bathroom remodeling services. We’ll create a free cost estimate for any of our remodeling services too.