When people think about updating their homes, the kitchen is often the first room that comes to mind. While it’s true that a modern, high-end kitchen can add a lot of value to a house, it’s also true that the wrong renovations can drastically reduce its value and make it next to impossible to sell. If you’re thinking about hiring a general contractor to do home renovations on your kitchen, here’s what to avoid.

1. Skipping Storage
High-end cabinetry can make a big difference when it comes time to sell a house. Buyers love to see cabinets with custom inserts and pantries with built-in shelving. If you haven’t looked at cabinetry in a while, take the time to explore your options. Really consider additions such as Lazy Susans and super cabinets. These types of kitchen storage really impress buyers and can greatly increase how effectively you use your space.

2. Reducing Counter Space
The amount of counter space is a critical point for buyers, many of whom will reject a house simply because there isn’t enough room in the kitchen. Make the investment in an additional island and counter space extensions.

3. Not Seeing the “Big Picture”
Too often, homeowners are focused on the one or two problem areas that they want to fix, such as getting new counter tops or adding storage. When it comes time for a kitchen remodel, they concentrate on these areas, making the finished product a mix of high-end finishes and areas that still need to be updated. When it comes time to sell, buyers see these renovations as half-finished, and tend to subtract the cost of completing the kitchen renovation from the asking price rather than seeing the value in the work that has already been done. Fortunately, a good general contractor can give you a plan to renovate your entire space.

4. Skipping Appliances
Homeowners make the mistake of assuming that they can save money in this area by using the appliances they already have. The problem with this is that it forces the contractor to plan around appliances that are several years old, rather than create a kitchen that modern appliance will fit into. When it comes time to replace the appliances, homeowners are forced to choose from a limited number of brands that will fit the space. Replace your appliances at the beginning of the project and sell your old ones.

5. Not Paying Attention to Details
Features such as under-cabinet lighting, mounted tablets and high-end faucets don’t add a lot to the budget, but they really can add a lot of “wow” factor to your renovation.

If you’re ready to get started on your kitchen renovation, call our professionals today.