It’s time to add some value to your home! Whether you are looking to upgrade for your own enjoyment, or you are thinking about selling in the future, you want to make sure that every renovation dollar you spend adds value to your property.

When considering where to put those investment dollars, you will need to consider popular trends as well as long term benefits for your family. Here are just a few places where a home renovation can add thousands to your current home value, while still offering some enjoyment and comfort while you remain in the home.

The Kitchen

The hub of the home, today’s kitchens are stylish, practical, efficient and, well, simply beautiful. You can spend thousands on a kitchen remodel, so be sure that your general contractor understands your objectives. If easy living is what you are after, you might want to consider opening the space with a new footprint, offering plenty of entertaining space. However, if resale is your main goal, then you will want to concentrate on creating an inviting space that is stylish and features modern amenities.

No matter what your budget, here are some practical kitchen ideas to help boost your bottom line:

Upgrade your appliances. Stainless is on its way out. It’s replacement: metallic finishes (even copper). This new design trend adds a sleek look of sophistication to any kitchen remodel. Also, consider adding tools to the room, including steam convention ovens (either wall mounted or free standing), wine coolers and charging stations for all of those electronic devices.

Add natural stone. This is one look that never goes out of style. Natural stone countertops can add a stylish look (and value) to any home. Steer clear of granite these days. Instead, opt for something with a more modern look like quartz.

Consider modern storage options. Today’s buyers are looking for lots of easy-to-use storage. Plus, if you stay in your home awhile longer, it will make life easier for you too. Pull out drawers, custom cabinet and pantry storage, and hideaway waste and food storage are all must-haves in today’s modern kitchen design.

Want to add value to your kitchen? Consider adding tools to the room, including steam convention ovens (either wall mounted or free standing), wine coolers and charging stations for all of those electronic devices.

The Bathroom

Who doesn’t yearn for a spa-like bathroom? Regardless of the size of your room, there are some simple things you can do to add style, comfort and, yes, value!

Give it a fresh coat of paint. A simple way to revive an outdated bath, a fresh coat of stylish paint can give the room a whole new look.

Upgrade the faucets. Although new cabinets and countertops can add quite a bit of flare to a tired bathroom, simply upgrading the faucets can go a long way toward adding some style.

Invest in more storage. Today’s sleek bathroom designs demand lots of storage options. Your general contractor can give you plenty of ideas on how to incorporate modern storage options into your bathroom remodeling project.

Add radiant heat. This creates instant value to any home renovation project. If you are upgrading your bathroom flooring, consider adding radiant heat to make the room warmer and more energy efficient.

Create a sauna steam shower. Soaking jetted tubs are outdated. Today’s modern bathrooms sport steam showers touting multiple massaging jets, ambient lighting and a trendy look. Offering the relaxing benefits of a sauna, these specialized showers are a must have for today’s bathroom remodeling project.

Outdoor Space

People want more space to entertain these days. Looking for a project for your outdoor area that will add value to your home? Install an outdoor kitchen.

Adding modern elements to your outdoor space can add tens of thousands to your home’s value while giving your family more room to enjoy.

Renovating your home can be costly. So why not choose projects that will pay off now and improve your home’s value all at the same time? To find out more about the top renovations that will increase your home’s worth, contact Quality Craftsmen, the premier home remodeling company in Georgia, for a free in-home estimate.