Oh, my. The holidays will bear down on us once again. Whether you love the winter celebrations or wish they were already over, now is a great time to consider some pre-holiday home renovations. But, “Why should I get started with a remodeling company so close to the holidays?” you may be wondering. If you have parties or house guest plans, you probably would like to have your home looking and functioning at its best before the everyone arrives. What are some of the advantages of a late-year remodel?

Winter Discounts
One great reason to start your renovation project now is for the possible off-season discounts from your general contractor. Since spring and summer keep the contractors’ schedules loaded with work, you’ll certainly pay full price for any project during those months. But once the leaves start turning, schedules free up and many companies will offer lower rates to keep busy.

Kids Go Back to School
The mess and apparent chaos of updating your home create an environment unsuitable for children. For everyone’s peace of mind, scheduling your work while they are in school makes perfect sense.

Lets You Pass on Hosting Events
It’s no secret the holidays add to your workload. As joyful as they can be, hosting guests takes a lot effort. If you’d like a reprieve this year, what could excuse you from the duty more readily than a home in varying stages of renovation?

Since spring and summer keep the contractors' schedules loaded with work, you'll certainly pay full price for any project during those months. But once the leaves start turning, schedules free up and many companies will offer lower rates to keep busy.

But if you look forward to entertaining, light remodels, like cabinet refacing or backsplash updates, take less time than a full-blown remake of a kitchen or bath. So, if you would like to make your home more attractive without the lengthy commitment, you have plenty of time to accomplish your goals if you start right away. Here are some other projects that lend themselves to a pre-holiday schedule.

Projects You Can Accomplish Pretty Quickly

Guest bathrooms: A new vanity, shower enclosure, and flooring could happen within a week. A new bathroom will convince your guests that they’re staying in a luxury hotel.

Gas fireplace: Adding a gas-burning fireplace to your entertainment room makes for cozy winter visits without a lot of time involved.

Finished basement for extra bedrooms: When your relatives come in large quantities for a holiday stay, you may need to finish off the basement for extra bedrooms and sleeping spaces. While this project will be a bit more involved, it’s hardly beyond a fall/early winter timetable. Because no demolition work needs to be done, you could have a welcoming basement just in time for the arrival of your siblings, in-laws, and their munchkins.

All of these ideas and more can come to fruition in cold weather season since none involve disturbing the frozen ground. If you have no plans to host events and visitors during the holidays, it’s still a good time to work in some interior updating. Rather than spend precious summer vacation time on renovations, you could fit some projects into holiday vacation time instead.

The staff at Quality Craftsmen works all year round. We’d be happy to discuss your remodeling ideas before the holiday season begins. With plenty of experience and dedicated crews, we can make your dream a reality before you can say “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”