The time has come to replace your home’s windows, but you’re skeptical. After all, it is a big renovation project. If you are on the fence regarding whether or not to replace your existing windows, consider these important benefits.

If you’re looking to create a fresh new look for your home, then consider a window upgrade. New windows can make a huge difference. With so many stylish options these days, replacing your windows offers an instant facelift to your home’s exterior. Whether you opt for a completely new look or an upgrade from the existing windows, installing new windows will offer instant curb appeal.

New Windows Offer Instant Energy Savings

While sticker price varies depending on the number of windows, the manufacturer and the features you choose, installing new windows can be one of the pricier renovation projects a homeowner tackles. This can leave many wondering if they will ever recoup the cost.

Windows may be one of the best renovation projects when it comes to resale value, according to industry experts, who claim an 85% (ROI) Return on Investment when installing windows.

What if you don’t have any plans to sell your home in the future? You can still enjoy plenty of energy savings. According to reports, most homeowners experience a dramatic reduction in heating and cooling costs (up to 40 percent in some regions), after installing new windows. This is due to several factors including the use of double pane windows, Low E coatings, modern glazing technologies, and the addition of Argon and Krypton gasses in between the panes (which help keep temperatures stable inside).

Not only offering a clean, fresh look, but new windows can also help you change the look and feel of your home, or simply give it a more updated appeal. Whether you opt for a completely new look or an upgrade from the old one, installing new windows will offer instant curb appeal.

New Window Options Require Less Maintenance

Tired of repainting old wooden windows every few years and taking the time to re-seal them? Forget the maintenance with today’s modern styles. Offering virtually Maintenance Free Technology, today’s vinyl and fiberglass windows are not only affordable, they require virtually no annual maintenance

Features to Look For

If you haven’t shopped for new windows in a while, you may be shocked at the array of choices being offered these days. From color choices to size and style options, the number of features to choose from are virtually endless.

So what should you be looking for when selecting your new windows? Here are some features you want to consider:

  • Proper Cladding. If you love the look of real wood inside your home, then be sure to ask for aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass exterior cladding. These features combine the ability to stain the window’s interior with a low maintenance exterior that will look great for years.
  • Low E-Coating. This is a transparent coating added to the window glass to help minimize the transfer of heat through the windows.
  • Easy cleaning options. Most double hung windows these days offer a tilt-in option to make cleaning easier.

Quality Craftsmen Makes Installation Painless

If it is time to shop for new windows, be sure to call the experts at Quality Craftsmen. We help families throughout the East Cobb community renovate their homes to meet their changing needs. We also specialize in utilizing concepts and building materials that allow our clients to comfortably age in place. We’ll help you select windows that will complement your home and allow you to enjoy them well into the future. Call us today to schedule a consultation.